As with any organization B.C.R.R. relies on dedicated volunteers for many of its daily routines. Such tasks could include sorting and preparing food for the next meal , feeding the various raptors in care, cleaning their cages, assisting in bandaging ,handling and medical procedures, responding to calls involving injured or orphaned raptors, capturing, transporting, and releasing raptors that have recovered.

  • Cleaning, feeding and managing the mice colonies are also required on a daily basis. Mice provide a natural diet, recognizable by most raptors. This familiar and complete food source contains all the necessary ingredients for healthy recoveries. Although most of the mice fed are obtained fresh frozen from local laboratory sources, B.C.R.R. breeds a small amount for special situations.
  • Perhaps your teenager would like to earn his/her community service hours required by the educational system now in grades nine through twelve. Forty hours of service is necessary over the four years of high school .Valuable experience will be gained through our program of volunteering , it’s also an opportunity for a first hand look at a Raptor rehabilitation facility with some hands on .Students must have a keen interest in wildlife, be willing to do a variety of jobs, ( cleaning being # 1) be reliable and motivated.

Volunteers participate in special tours of the facility including speaking to the public about the Centres activities and handling the educational birds

Volunteer Drivers are always needed for assisting in the transport of injured Raptors from various locations to the Centre . Presently drivers are needed for the Counties of Bruce Lambton, , Huron, Middlesex , and Kent . Drivers are asked to keep a driving log and are then given a tax receipt for their donation in km’s of driving.


  • Do you have any fundraising ideas? Volunteers help raise money to care for the Birds of Prey at the Raptor Centre. All money raised goes directly to care for the birds ,there are no administrative costs and all donations are tax deductible .
  • A fundraising project that has been recently proposed is the building of nest boxes for cavity nesting raptors .The two local species that would benefit from these are the Screech Owl and the American Kestrel. If you ,or someone you know, would like to donate the materials and labour to build these boxes , they could be sold as an effort to encourage people to provide the necessary housing needed for these birds, proceeds will in turn benefit the raptors at B.C.R.R.