Hospital facility for Birds of Prey

  • Perhaps the greatest achievement for the Centre was the completion of the hospital clinic to house injured and orphaned birds of prey. This project was started in the fall of 1996 and completed in the fall of 1999. The completion was made possible by numerous sizable donations from local companies and individuals who support the work at B.C.R.R. Many volunteers, both friends and family helped to build the new clinic .Upon completion an open house was held in October 1999 to thank those who made this day possible.
  • The clinic consists of an intensive care room that has various sized small cages each equipped with a heat source, special doweled doors to protect the birds feet and feathers and special small feeding doors that prevent any bird from escaping . These were designed for the notorious escapees such as Coopers Hawks , Kestrels and Screech Owls to name just a few.
  • Once recovered the bird would next go to one of four observation rooms. These rooms are designed with one way viewing glass to enable the observation of a patient without disturbing them. When you can get eye ball to eye ball with a Coopers Hawk to watch his behavior this is an accomplishment!