Handling & Transport


If you find a Raptor

We have in depth protocal when handling a raptor for transport.  Please read our in depth guide to help you when in the position of transporting one of these beautiful and delicate animals.

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As with any organization B.C.R.R. relies on dedicated volunteers for many of its daily routines.  Such tasks could include sorting and preparing food for the next meal, feeding the various raptors in care...

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Always contact a wildlife agency in your area in the event that you encounter an injured/orphaned bird of prey.

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Latest News

01/01/13 BCRR 2013 Newsletter
"Tales from Silent Wings" is the BCRR yearly review and newsletter. It sums up what an amazing year 2013 was and all the events that occured along the way.

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What is a Raptor?

Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Ospreys, and Owls are all raptors or birds of prey.

They are considered the carnivores of the avian world. Their hooked, sharp beak is ideal for tearing their food into bite size pieces. With exception of the Vultures, all have strong taloned feet to grasp their prey. The raptors keen eyesight and acute hearing make them all excellent hunters.

Each year BCRR  treats a variety of  raptors that have been orphaned or injured mostly due to man.

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